One of the very first steps in purchasing a home is to connect with Wade!!

The very next step is to schedule meeting with mortgage specialist. It is very important as you start the shopping process to know the value of the home you are qualified to purchase. If you fall in love with a home that is above your qualified amount that can be devastating and sometimes difficult to lower the expectations in a home. The opposite is also true, if you are shopping in a price range that is far less than you are capable and willing to invest, than you may end up settling for a home you are not happy with.

The largest reason to be pre-qualified with purchasing a home is in the negotiation stage. Sellers are always more eager to work with buyers they know are qualified to purchase their home.

Everyone of the contacts below has a heart of a teacher, they will be sure you are fully qualified before hand so that the only item to check off when we protect you with a condition of approved financing is the appraised value of the property you are purchasing.

Given you will have a time parameter in which this will need to be completed, it is best to have your mortgage specialist on your team before hand. To keep the process moving quickly, I will be sure to email all of the necessary documents to your mortgage specialist the moment we have an accepted offer to purchase a home.

John Helliker

Dominion Lending  |  705-872-8142

Licence #M08005057

Christina Ward

Dominion Lending  |  705-761-1750
Licence #M21001925

Grace Reynolds

Northwood Mortgage  |  416-833-3317

Licence #M16002596